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21 October 2012 @ 06:44 pm
F A Q  
F A Q time is here.
As always, have you a question then please ask away right here and it shall be answered and thrown up with the rest of the questions.

How/Why does he look so young?
When he died during the second world war he traded his soul for an extension. He technically was no longer alive by anything other than organic means. He isn't aging, he is degenerating and demonizing.

So then how did this go unnoticed while he continued to work?
Face masking, basically. You know as they say: science and art are of the same tree.

Where did he work after Unit 731 was abolished?
He continued working in the medical research and development department within the Japanese Military until 'retirement'. He was known for weaving in and out of medical sciences and bio-weaponry, which due to his high reputation within the militia no one had a problem with it. He finally 'retired' in 1974. When he was "sixty".

Wait, he's blind. How did he keep the job.
He actually did lose his sight because of the explosion, however this was restored upon cutting the deal. Unfortunately it disappeared again with time, but was replaced with a sight much stronger.

Why can he cut deals while he'd not a full demon yet?
This was actually the first sign he noticed. It began before anything else did. It started when he would have been thirty-five. He started to find that he could make medical miracles happen. Somehow, he could save lives when all odds were against him. He found that he knew things. He had answers he couldn't explain. He knew how to make vaccines, antidotes, drugs of both healing and destructive power. He just knew them, and to this day he isn't quite sure how he's only sure that he wants to comprehend it some day and at this moment he does not comprehend it. Of course as time progressed this miracle making and knowledge developed. It wasn't long until he received yet another visit from the boss below and terms were discussed.

When did his body start beginning decomposition?
Cy was actually a very, very healthy person since birth which helped him a lot in the long run and is probably why his extension has lasted so long. The first signs of his body starting to fail him seemed natural and normal. It was in the fall of 1992 that his health began to go downhill. He would have been seventy-eight by that point.

When did he start seeing abnormalities?
Not very long after his body started to become unwell did he notice things changing far beyond the matter of what was typically natural of human aging. Not only that, but he began to see things - demons and angels of all kinds. Up until that point he was incapable of picking them out from a crowd.